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Building the semantic web with NetInsert
  Be a part of building the semantic web with NetInsert and improve search results on the web.
Where should a web page be indexed?
  Explains the geographical organization of NetInsert, and gives advice on which geographical area to index a web page in. It is also explained why a country or region may not yet be included in NetInsert.
How is a web page added to NetInsert?
  Explains in a step by step procedure how a web page is added to NetInsert.
What is a meta tag?
  Explains the concept of meta tags and how they are used in the NetInsert service. It is also explained why meta tags are required in order to index a web page.
The square tag
  Explains the concept of the [square tag] and how it can be useful to index web pages such as blogs, wikis, community pages, forums etc.
How can the data for a web page be changed?
  Explains how the presentation of a web page can be changed, and how to change the category for a web page. It is also explained how a web page can be removed from NetInsert.
How is a web page displayed?
  Explains how a link to web page is displayed in NetInsert and what happens if there are problems with downloading or analyzing the page.
How are new sub categories created in the taxonomy and how should the subject of a new category be chosen?
  Provides guidelines for growing the taxonomy when a category is full and can not accept new pages.
Advertise at NetInsert?
  Explains how you can advertise at NetInsert.
How can more pages in a domain be added to NetInsert?
  Explains how more pages in a web domain can be added to NetInsert.
More about the NetInsert taxonomy
  Explains how the NetInsert taxonomy address system works and the use of ISO codes, region codes, directory codes and category types.
Visual Page Rank ©
  Introduces the concept of Visual Page Rank and explains how ordering of searches in NetInsert is based on search word visibility.
Link to NetInsert
  You are free to link to NetInsert. A small banner is also provided.
News and Press
  Latest news and press releases from NetInsert
  Comments and feedback from users about NetInsert.
What are the terms for using NetInsert?
  Explains the terms for using the NetInsert service.

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