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NetInsert is a self organized web directory where users can index web content and contribute to the development of a global and comprehensive subject classification of the web. The classification system (taxonomy) will continuously be developed as the web directory grows. The development is driven in two ways:

The use of candidate categories enables the Internet community to directly influence the direction of the taxonomy of the web. A candidate category is a user suggested category. Candidate categories can only be created in categories which are full (at the present time a category is full if the number of pages indexed in the category has reached 50). A candidate category must index at least one web page in order not to be automatically deleted, and it must index at least eight web pages to be listed as a standard category in the directory. In this way, the candidate category mechanism constitutes an implicit voting system for defining the taxonomy of the web. Only when sufficient consensus is reached on the definition of a new category (as measured by the number of web pages indexed in the category) will it be listed as a standard category in the directory.

Guidelines for creating candidate categories

If there are any questions or suggestions regarding the NetInsert taxonomy please do not hesitate to contact us.

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