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NetInsert is the first semantic web engine where users organize the web using tags. Any user with a web page on the Internet can add the web page to NetInsert. The user defines the subject category for the web page as well as the description and other data. Submission is easy, free and instant.

NetInsert is best described as a semantic web engine. A semantic web engine enables web site authors to convey the semantic meaning of the web site in the form of a subject category in a taxonomy. For example, where a top down search algorithm may have a problem understanding if the word "Jaguar" refers to the Animal or to the Car, a web site author can clarify this ambiguity by defining the topic of the page to be "Animals Cats Jaguar" using a netinsert tag. To read more on NetInsert and its potential as a tool for building the semantic web please continue here.

Thousands of web sites have joined the NetInsert community and many more are added each day. With your help we can establish a common taxonomy which is open, comprehensive, expandable, and most importantly, user driven. Be a part of building the semantic web and join NetInsert today!

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